Southern Tipster's Staking Advice

Southern Tipster's Staking Advice

Southern Tipster's Staking Advice
Southern Tipster's Staking Advice

How We Advise Bets


Each selection advised will have a points rating assigned to it up to 5 points (In exceptional circumstances there may be a particularly strong bet where this may be increased).

5 points will be a standard bet but having a range up to 5 enables us to have the required flexibility to stake appropriately for other sports such as golf where we might want to spread the standard size stake across a number of selections.

We will also advise the bookmaker with the best odds for the selection and the time that the event is starting.

e.g. Man City to Beat Bruges 5pt win 3/5 (William Hill, Bet 365) 7:45 pm


Bookmaker's Prices


We will advise odds available at time of posting. These will be be verified on Oddschecker. We will use 'Industry' prices as opposed to those on the exchanges (Betfair etc.) as they are more easily verified (although  due to liquidity and the ability to get on they play a large part in bet placement).


Recommended Staking Plan


You should only bet money you can afford to lose and do so responsibly.


We strongly advise putting aside a betting bank.

We suggest placing 1/30th of your bank on each 5 point selection (1/40th is advisable if you have a larger bank or prefer a smaller outlay per bet). This is based on our historical strike rate (the number of bets that win out of those advised) and the possible losing runs that are statistically associated with it. 

Stick to this percentage as your bank changes in value.

e.g. If you have a £300 bank and we advise a 5pt bet on a selection you would stake £10 (£300/30). If this won at 2/1 you bank would increase to £320. The following bet would be 1/30th of £320. 

If we advised a bet of 1pt ew on a golfer and you started with the same bank (£300) that would be £2 ew (£4 total investment - £10 = 5pts, 1pt ew (2 pts) = £4)

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